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  • PetSmart loyalty program
    PetSmart revamps its loyalty program

    Pet retail chain PetSmart unveiled a revamped loyalty program called Treats Rewards earlier this quarter. After customer feedback of wanting a simpler program from the 67 million shoppers already in PetSmart’s loyalty program, the retailer decided to overhaul its offering, said Bradley Breuer, vice president of loyalty and customer relationship management at PetSmart. The new […]

  • starburst different every time
    Starburst launches new marketing campaign powered by generative AI

    Candy brand Starburst recently launched a new marketing campaign dubbed “Different Every Time.” The campaign uses generative artificial intelligence to create hundreds of assets for the ad, such as background imagery and caricatures. This is the first advertising campaign for Starburst in more than a decade. Read more about the campaign here.

  • meta reels AI
    Meta unveils new AI tools for Reels

    Meta announced new ad tools for Reels, the short video format on Facebook and Instagram, during its IAB NewFronts presentation on May 2. The social media giant will now allow advertisers to adjust the aspect ratio of images so they automatically fit within Facebook and Instagram Reels ads. In addition, Meta advertisers can now include […]

  • Revolutionizing consumer promotions: Inside Ibotta’s rise

    With over 800 employees and a diverse range of partnerships, including major retailers like Walmart and Kroger, Ibotta is revolutionizing the landscape of consumer promotions. Delve into the rise of this Walmart-backed company, which has attained a multibillion-dollar market capitalization by offering consumers cash back and valuable insights into their purchasing habits. Ibotta’s innovative approach […]

  • How advanced analytics can drive unparalleled customer connection and conversion

    Quantzig has unveiled a riveting case study showcasing the transformative power of advanced marketing analytics in the retail industry. By unraveling consumer behavior intricacies, the UK-based retail company tailored hyper-personalized marketing campaigns, leading to unparalleled levels of customer connection and conversion. Moreover, with optimized marketing spend and dynamic pricing strategies fueled by Quantzig’s analytics expertise, […]

  • Best Buy’s AI revolution: Enhanced customer support

    Best Buy is set to revolutionize customer service with a generative AI-powered virtual assistant, offering self-service options through its website, app and customer service calls. Developed in collaboration with Google Cloud and Accenture, the technology is slated for launch later this summer. As the retailer adapts to evolving consumer needs, this innovative approach comes alongside […]

  • Knot Standard & Billy Reid merge

    Custom-made apparel retailer Knot Standard will merge with apparel brand Billy Reid. Billy Reid will take immediate control of Knot Standard’s eight retail locations, integrating these into its existing operations to offer a combined total of 19 locations nationwide.  “Joining and rebranding our stores with Billy Reid represents more than a business decision; it’s a […]

  • Tips from Starbucks’ Loyalty Program

    In a bold move aimed at reshaping its revenue model, Walmart has sealed a monumental $2.3 billion deal to acquire television maker Vizio, signaling a strategic pivot towards leveraging consumer data and ad space for future growth. This strategic acquisition grants Walmart access to a treasure trove of opportunities for advertising and marketing, through Vizio’s […]

  • Tips from Best Buy on Elevating Your Loyalty Program

    As an important tenet of your customer’s experience, the tech shopping experience is being led by Best Buy’s My Best Buy membership program. As the retail giant continues to lead in electronics sales, it has developed a loyalty program that offers a range of exclusive benefits tailored to meet the needs of tech-savvy consumers. From […]

  • Unveiling Apple’s Battlefront: The Retail Marketer’s Perspective

    The clash between software developers, regulatory bodies, and tech giants like Apple reverberates deeply within the realm of retail marketing. At the heart of this conflict stands Phil Schiller, Apple’s former chief marketing officer and a steadfast defender of the company’s ecosystem. As debates intensify over access to Apple’s vast array of devices, Schiller’s unwavering […]