PetSmart revamps its loyalty program

By April Berthene

May 20, 2024
PetSmart loyalty program

Pet retail chain PetSmart unveiled a revamped loyalty program called Treats Rewards earlier this quarter.

After customer feedback of wanting a simpler program from the 67 million shoppers already in PetSmart’s loyalty program, the retailer decided to overhaul its offering, said Bradley Breuer, vice president of loyalty and customer relationship management at PetSmart.

The new program is now tiered into three levels depending on how much shoppers spend annually, with increasing benefits in each tier. The new format is meant to incentivize shoppers to spend more and build more loyalty, the retailer said.

“With 93% of purchases connected to a Treats Rewards account, there was a key business opportunity to bring value straight to customers through the loyalty program,” Breuer said.

PetSmart’s loyalty program members are an important part of its business. Shoppers who use the points they earn in the program spend 6.5-times more than shoppers who don’t use their loyalty program points, PetSmart said. This equates to hundreds of more dollars per person annually.

The new program will also use the shopper’s data to provide more personalized offers and product recommendations to those shoppers.