Inside the Concerns Over Walmart-Vizio Deal

By MCM Editorial Team

March 29, 2024

Walmart’s $2.3 billion acquisition of Vizio has sent ripples through the marketing industry, particularly among advertisers and ad-buying agencies that heavily rely on Vizio’s data tracking millions of consumers’ viewing habits. Vizio, a leading player in the connected-TV market, utilizes automatic content recognition (ACR) technology to provide precise data on consumer behaviors, aiding marketers in campaign planning and measurement. While Walmart’s move aims to bolster its advertising platform, Walmart Connect, industry experts speculate on the potential implications for advertisers, who may face challenges in accessing Vizio’s data in the future. As Walmart seeks to integrate Vizio’s capabilities into its media ecosystem, marketers must prepare for potential disruptions and explore alternative data sources to navigate this evolving landscape effectively. 

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