Adidas sells a $20,000 virtual necklace in Roblox

By MCM Editorial Team

June 6, 2024
Adidas shares a roblox necklace for $20,000

Sporting goods and apparel brand Adidas recently sold a digital necklace in the online gaming platform Roblox for 2 million Robux, or roughly $20,000.

This news highlights how brands connecting with young consumers in the metaverse with virtual fashion is here to stay, said Vanessa Mullin, director of games, metaverse and social at real-time engagement vendor Agora.

“This is reminiscent of The Fabricant’s sale of a digital dress for $10k five years ago, emphasizing the impact of digital assets on personal and social identity,” Mullin said. “These items can be showcased in virtual spaces, like video meetings or avatars, indicating a future where digital possessions play a key role in how we connect and express ourselves online.”

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