Four retailers named top customer experience brands 

By April Berthene

July 3, 2024
Four retailers named top customer experience brands 

Average customer experience quality falls to record low, according to Forrester’s annual index.

Chewy, H-E-B, Zappos and Etsy ranked in the top 10 brands for having a top customer experience, according to Forrester Research Inc.’s 2024 U.S. Customer Experience Index released in June.  

The annual index evaluates 98,363 consumers’ perceptions of 223 brands across 13 industries, including 42 brands in the retail category. The index is designed to measure how well a brand’s customer experience — in terms of effectiveness, ease and emotion — strengthens the loyalty of its customers.  

Overall, the average customer experience quality fell to a record low in 2024, and was the third consecutive year of a decline.

Most brands, at 71%, fell in the middle category of “OK,” 12% ranked “good” and zero were “excellent.” On the negative end, 16% of brands received a “poor” rating and 1% received “very poor.” 

An unprecedented 39% of brands and 10 industry averages declined compared with the 2023 index, including the retail category. The retail industry average was 72.4 in 2024, down from 74.4 in 2023, 73.8 in 2202 and 74.5 in 2021.  

On the positive side, pet care brand was a standout with an 81.2 ranking. This allowed Chewy to top the retail industry index and achieve the highest score out of all the other brands on the entire index.

Grocery chain H-E-B, shoe retailer and handmade good marketplace Etsy also all made it into the top 10 for the entire customer experience index.  

Top brands like these evoke 25 positive emotions for each negative emotion, according to Forrester.

At the bottom of the retail index were Dollar General, Target, Rite Aid and Safeway. Each brand received below a 68 ranking.  Brands at the bottom of the index only evoke three positive emotions to one negative emotion.